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Monthly Archives: June 2023

Benefits of eating omega 3.

Benefits of eating omega 3 People who eat fish or seafood are less likely to suffer from many chronic diseases. There is no definitive proof that this effect is due to the consumption of seafood or the omega-3 contained in those foods. Researchers have studied the properties of

Essence of Chicken.

Essence of Chicken is a functional food or food. That contains beneficial substances in addition to general nutrients. Which has been popular for a long time because it is believed that it has properties in nourishing the brain and body. The extraction process causes the protein to be digested

Herbs to relieve “cold” symptoms.

Nowadays, people focus on bringing herbs to cook as food to enhance immunity. But herbal products are another option that should be kept at home. because of the consistent quality of the active ingredients And can be used to relieve initial symptoms of colds well. Because during this time

Limitations to be aware of on the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic is a diet-restricted weight loss trend that is becoming very popular. Especially in the past 2-3 years. In Thailand, there are people who really study how to eat ketogenic until becoming a group eating keto. That is increasing the number of members day by day. Although it