Fowler backs Sancho has right to respond to Ten Hag.

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Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler has backed Jadon Sancho right to retaliate against the club. If he is accused of things that are not true.

Erik ten Hag has spoken out about the Englishman’s absence from last week’s game against Arsenal. Saying he was not training at a high enough level to play. While Sancho has hit back at the issue. This became a big news that the media picked up and talked about. Which Fowler thought that the star from the “Red Devils” had the right to do that.UFABET

“There are two things the club must consider at present. If they want to do things appropriately One is the mental health and wellbeing of players. Which is an issue in football. and needs to be taken seriously.” Fowler wrote in a column for The Mirror.

“I don’t think the comments The response is again inappropriate for modern approaches to athlete health. That leads to the second point: We are now living in a different world where everyone has a voice. Even when I’m playing. There are very few avenues for players to respond to criticism. Now everyone has that because of social media. Media is everywhere.”

“So if a manager or club accuses a player of inappropriate behavior, This is the case with Sancho’s attitude in training. He is not only able to respond. But you also have rights.”

“I think the days of clubs having absolute power are gone. And they have to accept that. If a player believes he or she has falsely accused or slandered. He has the right to speak. I wouldn’t criticize Sancho for responding the way he did. He is only correcting what he sees as important things that are wrong about him.”