Iniesta talks about Barcelona failure on the European stage.

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Andres Iniesta thinks Xavi Hernandez-era Barcelona are on the right track. But lacking a few details that resulted in their earlier exit from the Champions League.

Ex-Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta of Vissel Kobe has spoken of his former side’s Champions League failure since the group stage for the second year in a row. The Azulgras squad will play their final game against Viktoria Pilsen on Tuesday, according to Deerio As. 

Barcelona had their last European success since winning the Champions League in 2015 UFABET. But since then they have never come close to success and have gone horribly wrong by being eliminated at the group stage throughout 2 seasons ago. 

Iniesta said.

‘You’re right from here. away from focus Everything looks different. I want Barca and the people I know and admire to do well. Since Xavi came. The evolution has been very positive. And the current team is perfect in every way.’

‘But there is a lot going on and the Champions League will be decided by the details. I might have won the matches against Bayern and Inter but it didn’t happen.’

Few have understood Xavi’s concept of football better than Iniesta after they had played side-by-side for more than a decade. The 38-year-old revealed he maintains frequent contact with the 42-year-old, but rarely discusses tactical details. He admitted that he was unsure of what was causing the problems with the Azul Grana team. 

‘I honestly don’t know. But it’s clear that some things aren’t good enough or good enough to change that dynamic. I also suffered a painful defeat last time in Rome. We can’t handle those details I’m talking about that decide the match and the knockout round. The feeling is that we are missing the necessary steps. (Moving forward) to cross boundaries that we haven’t crossed recently.’