Rio believes the Ronaldo-Gary relationship is over.

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand believes the relationship. Between Cristiano Ronaldo and former team-mate Gary Neville may be over.

         The Portugal international turned away from shake hands with Gary ahead of the 1-0 win over West Ham. After being criticized by his former team-mates for saying the Red Devils performed better without the 37-year-old in the field.

         Speaking to his Vibe with Five YouTube channel. Rio said: “I don’t think Ronaldo will answer (if Neville calls) knowing it’s over. You say what you say and believe what you believe.” UFABET

         “I think what makes it different is if I recreate that situation. And I might shake hands and say ‘You talk too much, see you later’ and walk away.”

         “I understand why people say he doesn’t have to. But from the point of view of the players No player is happy when the gurus criticize them.”

         “They are teammates. But it’s not someone who sends a message or anything like that. Which Cristiano respects Gary as well, he respects as one of the club’s senior players 100 per cent. He will use that as fuel.”

with the 37-year-old striker still has one year left on his contract with the club (contract until June 30, 2023). But he wants to leave the club. Because I want to be able to play in the UEFA Champions League. The season is about to begin. And have come out to call on the agency to release him this summer.