Essence of Chicken.

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Essence of Chicken is a functional food or food. That contains beneficial substances in addition to general nutrients. Which has been popular for a long time because it is believed that it has properties in nourishing the brain and body. The extraction process causes the protein to be digested into peptides. That are different from other proteins that are beneficial to the brain. Studies have shown that in Chicken Essence, there are amino acids and dipeptides called Anserine and Carnosine that are believed to have the ability to help the blood supply to the brain. Functions related to the memory system, thinking processes and decision making (Cognitive Function). Therefore, may cause such brain functions to work better. Which is beneficial to work UFABET

In a study of 794 people, the group who drank chicken essence daily for 2 weeks had better brain function in memory and cognition than the non-drinking group. It may also help restore fatigue from heavy use of the brain. Reduce levels of stress-causing hormone cortisol Help clear the brain. and make you feel rejuvenated as well. Another study in which young people drank chicken broth for 10 days found. That subjects had reduced negative feelings, including stress, confusion, and  depression.  There were also no side effects from drinking in the short term.

From the above information Essence of chicken may be a brain-boosting option. Improve memory and cognition Improved symptoms of brain fatigue in people without health problems. However, some short-term studies found no side effects. However, further studies on the brain-nourishing properties of chic