Herbs to relieve “cold” symptoms.

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Nowadays, people focus on bringing herbs to cook as food to enhance immunity. But herbal products are another option that should be kept at home. because of the consistent quality of the active ingredients And can be used to relieve initial symptoms of colds well. Because during this time there was an outbreak of influenza as well. And will continue to develop drugs from herbs in the future, including

Andrographis paniculata  has been widely researched in China, Sweden, Singapore, and Thailand. In which Thailand is regard as a country that has studied Andrographis paniculata extensively. Including being used in the health system as well. In the first round of the COVID -19 outbreak, research has found that Andrographis paniculata has the ability to kill the virus and inhibit its division. Until leading to research in patients with mild symptoms of 6 patients found. That it can help reduce the severity of symptoms. Which is currently in the second phase of the study. UFABET

However It is not recommend to use Andrographis paniculata to treat COVID by yourself.Patients should be properly diagnosed and, if possible, treated from a new disease facility. that must be closely supervised by a doctor. However, Andrographis paniculata should be keep at home to relieve cold symptoms during this period. Because it can help both prevent viruses from entering cells, reduce proliferation, increase immunity and reduce inflammation.

Turmeric  from in vitro studies found that it reduces inflammation of the lungs infected with the influenza A virus. and boosts immunity. However, from a 3D computer simulation. It was found that the active substances of turmeric. And demethoxycurcumine able to compete with the location of the 2019 coronavirus strain. That will enter the lung cells and the position that has the effect of inhibiting the reproduction of the virus.